Sales prospecting in 2022 is harder than ever. While selling to healthcare organizations has always been a challenge, the pandemic has every person working longer, more arduous hours – leaving little time for emails or phone calls that aren’t relevant to them. That’s where FRONTLINE Selling shines.

It takes 3x more activity to connect with prospects than it did prior to the pandemic.

FRONTLINE Selling helps B2B organizations create more authentic conversations and boost pipeline for better revenue attainment. We specialize in navigating complex health systems and connecting you with your buying group.

In fact, 48% of our client base sells into healthcare. Our current healthcare clients have been with us for anywhere from 12 months to 10 years!

Here are 5 common challenges and the reasons we are so successful at overcoming them.

1. Problem: Large sprawling entities make it challenging to determine the right buyer.

FRONTLINE Solution: Navigating large healthcare systems is our specialty.

We assume that our entry point into the health system is not the decision maker. Our process starts at the top and spreads out like a web through the organization. We accumulate valuable touchpoints, grow brand awareness and gain referrals to other potential stakeholders. In essence, the people in the organization help route your message to relevant key players. Our consistent process is the key to our success!

2. Problem: Getting the attention of the right person.

FRONTLINE Solution: We deliver expertly-crafted messaging.

Our expert team helps you create a message specifically meant for outbound. It’s designed for the key player to determine “Is this relevant to me?” If not, “Who should I pass this to?” The message we create focuses on the prospect’s problem, not on your solution.

Your message is delivered consistently – the exact same way, every single time. This elevates brand familiarity among the potential buying group and accelerates sales cycles.

3. Problem: It’s difficult for SDRs to communicate true value.

FRONTLINE Solution: We don’t sell on prospecting calls.

As one of our clients famously said, “FRONTLINE isn’t the master of our product. They’re just masters of our message.”

Trying to quickly explain the features of a software solution on a prospecting call is futile. With a low chance of the person on the phone being the decision-maker, our outreach is focused on finding the right person and getting them 20-30 minutes with YOU. Our emails provide additional context to our outreach. Every touchpoint is designed with one purpose in mind – scheduling a Meaningful Interaction with your sales rep, the subject matter expert.

4. Problem: Changing market conditions

FRONTLINE Solution: Maintaining close alignment and being agile.

Our team is paying close attention to the market and what your program data is saying. We recognize shifts in the market quickly and adjust the message and outreach accordingly. Also, your team brings insight to every call and should you recognize something, we are poised to pivot accordingly.

5. Problem: Ensuring people show up for their scheduled call.

FRONTLINE Solution: We are responsible for confirming their attendance and kicking off the conversation.

Your reps are too busy to chase down a prospect. Should someone cancel or need to reschedule, our team handles that for you. We also attend the Meaningful Interaction, where we introduce you as the subject matter expert and hand the call off. This participation ensures continuity from the prospecting outreach to the first call.

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