Many people are under the misconception that every salesperson fits the cliche of the opportunist who takes advantage of prospects for profit. However, every great salesperson knows that the only way to find true success in this business is by maintaining professional integrity. Adhering to a strict ethical code and accurately representing your client is a vastly underappreciated skill and an integral part of our core values. Instilling these same values in our sales leads is one of the most important ways that we stay aligned with our client’s goals and reinforce the value of our services.

Demonstrating Your Company’s Core Values

First impressions can make or break a professional relationship. Therefore, you don’t want to do anything to tarnish your image before potential clients have the chance to hear your message.

Conducting yourself with integrity and sincerity is a much more effective way of turning meaningful interactions into successful partnerships. That’s why they are part of the company’s core values of aligning with clients, leading by example, and pursuing excellence. FRONTLINE Selling has a vested interest in our client’s success and understands the importance of maintaining a stellar image and transparency in all our dealings. 

Establishing Best Practices with Your Sales Team

It’s one thing to build your company culture on a strong moral code, but it is quite another to see it in action. Our top performers know this and demonstrate it in every interaction they have with potential customers.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. One of our standout sales leads, Heather Frady, holds herself to a higher standard and works hard to establish best sales practices with others in the industry. In a recent post on LinkedIn, Heather shared a few crucial do’s and don’ts that have helped her reach the top of her field.

What to Do

  • Respect people’s time.
  • Refrain from being forceful when speaking to someone.
  • Be confident in your value proposition and practice it often.
  • Only make changes after having enough time to gather data on current approaches.
  • Use tonality and pitch to convey your message.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t purposefully call cell phones during traditional lunch hours.
  • Don’t intentionally double dial. 
  • Don’t change your number to mimic local area codes.
  • Don’t badger people.
  • Don’t make changes to outreach too often.


What You Can Learn From FRONTLINE’s Top Performers

If you are hoping to find solutions that drive results, then you need to foster these core values at every level of your business. It starts by ensuring that your employees’ actions reflect the message you convey in your company’s mission statement. However, it must also stay consistent throughout all communications within your organization, especially with your sales team.

Some people are tempted to abandon their ethical standards when they see competitors making short-term games through unscrupulous business practices. But, you have to remind yourself of what you hope to achieve by showing professional integrity. The best guideline is to ask yourself, “would I want this behavior from a business partner?” If not, then it’s time to evaluate your current practices and adjust the way you operate to reflect the values that matter most to you and your clients.

Practice makes perfect

Confidence comes from many places, but the fastest way to grow it is preparation. Understand your products/services, ask a lot of questions so you understand your prospect’s true challenges, and continue learning how to communicate your value in every conversation.

“An amateur practices until he can do a thing right, a professional until he can’t do it wrong.”

In other words…get practicing now!

To learn more about our simulator and how it can help you and your team skyrocket your confidence, contact FRONTLINE Selling today.