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more leads with Staccato.


    Create more qualified sales opportunities or we'll give your money back.


    Get past the gatekeeper with Staccato to reach key decision makers before they know they need you.


    The proven process enables reps to effectively action more leads and create more opportunities.


    Create top performers with the industry's best training and retain more reps.

The only comprehensive solution that combines
software with a proven methodology

No other solution targets your sales challenges two ways. Staccato combines powerful software that organizes, guides and prioritizes prospecting activity with a methodology, based on nearly 2 million outreach efforts, that provides a consistent, proven path to creating more sales opportunities with key decision makers. The methodology is the heart and soul of Staccato’s effectiveness.

With Staccato, your reps begin the sales cycle meeting with the right people at the right time. They deliver more compelling, concise and relevant messaging and sail through the sales process with predictability and precision.

Leveraging Social DNA to reach and influence key players

Every company has its own way of communicating and socializing information. The Staccato methodology leverages this Social DNA™ to gain internal referrals and help route your value added selling message to the key player.

It’s the most powerful element of the methodology—reaching out to multiple people in an organization, consistently aggregating touch points in a very specific order to get the attention of the right person. No more ‘waterboarding’ a key player with calls, emails and voicemails—it just doesn’t work. Enabling the Social DNA™ does.


Tap into unknown demand and
become more profitable

According to CEB, sales reps typically target established demand, where customers have largely decided what they need and are already 57% through the buying process.

Staccato helps drive demand generation by effectively reaching and educating key players who aren’t actively searching for your solution—which is when competition is at its lowest and demand generation
is at its highest.

Pricing & Options To Meet Your Goals

No matter what stage your business is in or size of your sales team, we have the option to meet your exact prospecting goals.