Staccato AutoPilot

Your Sales Team Can’t Afford to Waste Time With the Wrong Prospects. We Introduce You to the Right Ones.


No investment for hiring or training sales reps – we’ve done it for you. Let our Staccato trained business development team do the prospecting for you.

Reduce Time Wasted

We reach out to your prospects and start securing appointments in just days. No employee training. No cold calling services. Just relationship building to close deals fast.


We set appointments exclusively with key decision-makers using the Staccato methodology, enabling you to focus on prospects entering the sales funnel.

Our retention rate is 80% because what we do works.

AutoPilot is the fastest and most effective way to create more conversations with key decision-makers and accelerate your sales and revenue. Using the proprietary Staccato methodology, created from the analysis of nearly 2 million outreach efforts, our team increases your number of first appointments, paving the way for sales success.

A critical piece of the onboarding process is zeroing in on your exact definition of a sales qualified lead to ensure we are completely aligned with your sales process. We will never waste your reps’ time by having conversations with bad leads, as we are 100% focused on the quality of the leads – not the quantity.

Is AutoPilot right for your team?

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We go way beyond ‘appointment setting’. We are trusted partners.

Our team sets high-converting appointments on your behalf, but our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. As your sales partner, we conduct regular performance data analysis to ensure we are consistently tracking towards your goals, and provide insight and guidance to stay on course. It’s a collaborative effort because we know that securing more sales opportunities isn’t the end goal—building your business is.