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Harness the power of Social DNA

Every company has a natural way of communicating and socializing information—this is what we call the Social DNA™. The cornerstone of the Staccato methodology is leveraging this communication system, a social selling tool, to route messages through the organization to efficiently reach the right key player. In essence, you enable your prospects to spread your message, overcome sales objections and build awareness for you.

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In this competitive B2B landscape, few sales teams consistently hit their ever-increasing quotas. There are literally hundreds of articles and books on how to achieve that elusive goal, but failing to hit quota is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. Download our eBook to learn what the problem actually is by filling out the form below.

Your prospects will help YOU
create more opportunities

It’s the most powerful element of the methodology—reaching out to multiple people in an organization, consistently aggregating touch points in a very specific order to get the attention of the right person. This is a form of social selling where key players repeatedly receive your message from colleagues. Then, you have their attention—and the likelihood of securing a first meaningful conversation with them increases dramatically. In fact, many of our customers credit the Staccato methodology and Social DNA™ for 200%-400% increases in qualified sales opportunities.