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3 Sales Management Blunders You Must Eliminate to Hit Quota Consistently – Deny first and blame others second. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, that is often the stance sales managers take when their numbers come up short.  Click here to continue reading.

10 reasons why college grads should consider entry-level sales jobs – Entry-level sales jobs present a great opportunity for recent college grads to learn professional skills that last a lifetime.  Click here to continue reading.

Two Insightful Interviews From Travelers Insurance and Frontline Selling – Click here to listen.

Featured: Mike Scher, Co-Founder & CEO, FRONTLINE Selling –  Every business has a story to tell. The key to successful selling is being able to tell our stories to more people, more often. FRONTLINE Selling was created by Mike Scher and Dan McCann, seasoned sales veterans who knew that companies needed an entirely new approach to securing more meaningful conversations with key decision makers. In addition to developing a powerful SaaS solution, they analyzed over 1.8 million prospecting outreach efforts to create a methodology that simply takes the guesswork out of prospecting and helps companies sell more. Our ultimate goal is to help sales people become wildly successful by more effectively engaging with their B2B buyers. Click here to continue reading.

Do’s & Don’ts of B2B Sales Success – Every sales department is trained on the perfect close. Whether it is writing up trade show orders, selling e-commerce services, merchandise displays or inventory management systems, the biggest sales investment by organizations is typically focused on the end of the process. While this is important, very little time is spent training sales reps on how to secure the very first conversation — which is the real key to sales success. It’s no secret that you can’t get to the last conversation without having the first, so the prospecting phase of selling is critical. Click here to continue reading.

The Perils and Possibilities of Sales Goals – If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you’ve probably heard about the trouble financial services company Wells Fargo got into for creating fake bank and credit card accounts for unknowing customers. The story received a lot of coverage in the media, and even rated a Music Man-themed mocking on Saturday Night Live. Click here to continue reading.

How selling skills can pay off far beyond the university years: All College Kids Should Take a Sales Class – Colleges should require a sales course with every major they offer.
While students may not plan to work at a car dealership or a computer store after graduation, having the skills to sell ideas as well as their own value will be a constant need for them every single day they’re employed. Unless they possess the natural-born talent to “have everyone at hello,” learning how to sell will be critical for their success. Click here to continue reading.

Tips for the Modern Day Cold Call – Nine. That’s the number of attempts it usually takes to reach a cold prospect. Yet too many salespeople give up after two or three tries  And while repeat business and referrals play a big part in most industries, attracting new regions and verticals is critical for growth. The key to further success will always lie in getting more opportunities to show why your solution or service is not just better, but better for them. Here are four tips to secure that first conversation and stop leaving new business on the table. Click here to continue reading.

Staccato Software Accelerates Sales – Entrepreneur Mike Scher had a steady and comfortable job when he decided to start his own company. After years of developing a method for sales cold-calling, he created his own software and launched Frontline Selling, an Atlanta-based company that now has international clients. Click here to continue reading.

Five Keys to Consistent Lead Conversions for Telecom Sales – In 2016, there is probably no other industry more competitive than telecommunications. As telecom technology expands with innovative new tools to improve and expedite how we communicate, customers have more choices than ever. Whether you’re selling VoWiFi and VoLTE devices, supplies or telecom software, the competitive landscape has tightened, making sales jobs exponentially more difficult. But there is a way to rise above the rest and earn more business—effective sales prospecting. Click here to continue reading.

Four Ways to Improve Sales Call Outcomes for Trade Show Booth Sales – Too often, even when you know exactly who you need to reach, it’s not easy to reach them. And, with  an average of 5.4 people involved in most B2B decisions, exhibit hall and trade show booth sales could require several “cold-calls” to reach, pitch, and close the deal. Below are the top 4 ways to help you navigate the cold-call process to convert your prospects and sell more booths. Click here to continue reading.

Ready, Set, Sell When Infrastructure Investments Soar – 
With the possibility of $1 trillion dollars to be spent on America’s infrastructure over the next 10 years, opportunities for manufacturing companies, both direct suppliers and subcontractors, will significantly increase. The growth potential will also reach companies in manufacturing, technology and logistics across the supply chain. Click here to continue reading.

Companies selling to energy sector see spike in interest – Alongside a rising rig count, rising expenditures and soaring prices for oil and gas acreage — particularly in the Permian Basin — are other indicators of the energy industry’s economic health. “It’s been amazing, since the beginning of the year, the huge increase in the number of companies providing solutions to the energy industry,” Mike Scher, co-founder of Frontline Selling, said in a phone interview from his office in Alpharetta, Georgia. Click here to continue reading.

Is there a missing link in your sales training program? According to one sales training expert, many employers overlook an important part of the sales cycle in their training of sales professionals: prospecting. Click here to continue reading. 

Trump’s budget priorities set small businesses strategizing – NEW YORK (AP) — The priorities laid out in President Donald Trump’s budget message have some small business owners strategizing how they might benefit from a big boost in defense spending, and others thinking about how to make up for revenue they could lose to cuts in grant programs and subsidies. Click here to continue reading.

Listen: Mike Scher – Removing the Guesswork from Sales  – Joined on the show today by Mike Scher, the CEO + Co-Founder of Frontline Selling. Can technology truly remove the guesswork from sales? Can software actually make digital sales tools work, and increase the odds of effectively connecting to decision-makers? Click here to listen.

Rules to Help B2B Sales People Reach the Prospect – Here’s what we know. Great sales reps have the skills to close a deal, but even the most experienced struggle with how to secure that first conversation. And yet, that is the most critical piece of the process because you can’t get the decision maker to sign on the dotted line until you get him in the door! Click here to continue reading.

3 Ways to Engage Your B2B Buyer in the Healthcare Industry – The key to successful selling is having more sales conversations with decision makers but sales reps often fail to reach them at all. Reps are highly trained on how to close a deal, but even the most experienced sales people struggle with how to secure that first conversation. There is a solution—and it’s easier than you think.  Click here to continue reading.

STACEY ALCORN: B2B Lead Conversion with Mike Scher [podcast] – Mike Scher, CEO of Frontline Selling, joins us to unravel the secret of selling, and the best part? Even though Mike focuses on B2B, these techniques work, no matter what you’re selling. Click here to listen.

ANDY PAUL: How to Use the Social DNA of Your Buyers to Increase Engagement. With Mike Scher.  [podcast] –Mike Scher is CEO and co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling, developer of Staccato PRO―a sales development platform that leverages the social DNA of a buyer in order to contact and engage with the right decision makers and influencers. Join us now as Mike and I discuss multiple topics including the biggest challenges sales reps have in reaching the right decision makers, how to balance the quantity of proactive sales touches with effectiveness and efficiency and how FRONTLINE analyzed the data from over 1.8 million outreaches to develop its platform. Click here to listen.

Top 26 Sales Motivation Tips From the Pros – Do you need to motivate yourself or your sales team? Sometimes it can be difficult to regain motivation during a dry period. Even when opportunities are all around, sometimes we all need a push in the right direction. Click here to continue reading.