Measure Every Prospecting Call in Real Time with the EmotiMeter

Don’t measure just WHAT they say…

Measure how they say it with the one-of-a-kind EmotiMeter, a unique and highly effective training tool.

You have likely dedicated a significant amount of resources to craft the message that resonates best with your audience. Industry data consistently shows that emotions factor into B2B buying decisions, and the EmotiMeter was created to prevent something as simple as the inflection in your reps’ voices from undoing all your hard work!

Embedded in the Staccato Simulator, the EmotiMeter provides an instant analysis of the emotions the rep conveyed during a simulated call. Were they anxious? Friendly? Low energy? Aggravated? The analysis is an important training success indicator that can highlight a need for additional practice before hitting the phones for live calls. It’s no secret that when your reps are relaxed, confident and enthusiastic, production soars.

Powerful data analytics to drive more sales.

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