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Alpharetta, GA, June 1, 2016- FRONTLINE Selling has partnered with Mario Martinez Jr., Social Selling Champion, founder & CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies, to help B2B companies accelerate revenue by combining a sales software and proven methodology with social selling.

“B2B sales have become increasingly complex and today’s modern buyers are changing the engagement process,” commented Mike Scher, CEO and Co-Founder of FRONTLINE Selling. “Working with Mario is a perfect fit for FRONTLINE, as he shares our belief that using what he refers to as the trifecta of sales—phone, email and social selling—is far more effective than focusing on one method alone.”

FRONTLINE Selling is the creator of Staccato™, a B2B sales software and proven methodology that helps companies shorten the cold-call process and drive higher quality meetings with key decision-makers, accelerating sales and revenue. FRONTLINE Selling customers have reported as much as 200% to 400% increases in outcomes when implementing Staccato.

M3Jr Growth Strategies develops and implements social selling strategies for businesses of any size, provides the social selling sales training and managed social selling lead development services that create quantifiable sales results. Social Selling is leveraging Social Networks to help a sales person establish a personal brand, perform research and allow them to relate & build a relationship with today’s digitally, socially and mobile enabled buyer, which ultimately drives sales.

“I hear from my colleagues that the ‘cold call is dead,’ but I believe there is a time and place for everything. The goal is to leverage the trifecta of sales prospecting and to turn any cold call, email and/or social engagement into a lukewarm or warm outreach which demonstrates to your buyer you‘ve tried to understand them and their business needs, ” says Martinez, an accomplished sales leader and acclaimed international speaker. “A well-designed and executed social selling strategy is critical to sales success, but something magical happens when you combine it with multiple methods of sales prospecting. Staccato is the most powerful prospecting solution I have seen, and my clients will be far more successful when they use Staccato, as well.”

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FRONTLINE Selling is the only provider of enterprise class, sales acceleration solutions that drive game changing increases in revenue. The company’s flagship product, Staccato, snaps seamlessly into, instantly creating a multi-touch prospecting platform, allowing sales organizations unprecedented optics into sales pipeline. The software organizes, prioritizes and guides prospecting activity with a methodology based on the scientific analysis of over 1.8 million outreach repetitions. Our clients routinely experience increases of 200% more sales opportunities with people who are genuinely interested in talking to them.