The Sales Team’s Ultimate Holiday Wish List

[Posted by Mike Scher, December 16, 2015] Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes, 29 seconds

At this festive time of year, sales managers are handing out tokens of appreciation for a job well done (sometimes even if the job wasn’t well done…). While it’s always nice to be recognized for the value we bring to our company, we’re sales people. We’re competitive, driven and focused on one thing: achieving quota.

Honestly, we don’t want a turkey, a holiday luncheon or a gift card. What we want are the tools we need to hit our quota in 2016. The only rewards that really warm our heart (and our wallets) will come when we do. So here it is. The official Holiday Wish List of Every Sales Rep on the Planet (or at least every one I know).

  • A definitive answer on who to call first.

Do we call the contact we have been given or try to find someone else who might be the decision-maker? Do we call high and work our way down, or try the bottom-up approach?  We are tired of spinning our wheels speaking with people who give us the runaround.

  • A script that’s effective and consistent, yet allows us to inject our own personality.

We don’t want to sound like robots, but it feels like we are always saying something different and receive little direction on what is the most effective way to create opportunities.

  • A plan for effective social research that doesn’t require spending more time Googling than selling.

How about some guidelines of what information might be useful besides their title and company overview? Anyone can find that information but how do we use our research to really connect with the prospect?

  • A subject line for our emails that actually works.

There is nothing more infuriating than sending out hundreds of emails, without a clue which one actually performs best.

  • A blueprint for how to use all these fancy tools you’ve given us.

Imagine giving someone a box of tools and some lumber and saying “go build me a house”.   That is essentially what you’ve done to us.  You’ve given us these tools to uncover opportunities but we simply have no idea of how best to use them, when and in what order and for what task.

  • A road map to follow-ups.

Do we call them back tomorrow? In 2 days? Next week? Next quarter? How many times should we follow up?  When should we call vs. email vs hit them up on social media?  Most of the time we are simply guessing.

  • A strategy to connect again with that prospect who said “Call me Tuesday” and after calling Tuesday (and every day thereafter), we can’t seem to get them back on the phone.

This is so frustrating! We need a definitive strategy to re-engage and we just don’t have one.

  • StaccatoTM by FRONTLINE Selling.

From what we’ve heard, this software and methodology gives us everything on our wish list and helps us become wildly successful by enabling us to engage with our B2B buyer. The perfect gift!

Here’s to the New Year, full of opportunities, sales and quota crushing.

Happy Holidays!

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