Managing the sales funnel – is anyone doing this well?

[Posted by Colin Daymude, October 9, 2015] 

I came across this article the other day and I’m still scratching my head. It highlights 50 different sales prospecting tools for managing your sales funnel. FIFTY! From Salesforce to Infusionsoft, from Pipeline to Razpo, there are literally dozens of CRM and Marketing Automation options available—all designed to help you optimize and perform customer journey mapping from leads to customers.

Why are so many different options needed?  The answer is simple: Companies are grasping at straws to find tools to manage the process better because nothing is producing results. 

Every company is looking for a solution but until the inconsistency and uncertainty at the top of the funnel is addressed, no amount of amassed tools will get them to the promised land.

We created Staccato, a solution that simplifies the most confusing part of the process with a proven methodology born from the study of 1.8 million outreach efforts. When every business development rep is doing the same, right thing – every single day, every single time – you gain unprecedented visibility into the pipeline and can actually predict sales. Don’t address an age old problem with the same ill-fated solutions. Call us at 877-726-7871 or experience the power of Staccato for yourself.


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