Prospecting: The Calisthenics of Selling

[Posted by Mike Scher July 20, 2015]

This isn’t the sexiest of titles. After all, who wants to sweat and do callisthenic exercises? If you don’t have opportunities banging at your door, the reality is, someone has got to do the dirty work.

Prospecting is the calisthenics of selling. If you think about it, calisthenics are warm-up exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks.   They don’t require any special equipment and any able bodied person can do them.   That said, what matters more? How many push-ups you do….or how well do you do them? If you answered “how well”, go to the head of the class. Yes indeed, Form Matters!

Of course, there are a minimum number of exercises you need to do, but doing them well is more important than just doing them any which way.

If you need to do prospecting, you might as well do your prospecting the best you can . . . otherwise, why spend the time?

Most people are under the impression that sales is a numbers game. In some respects it is, but in many respects it isn’t.

One of the best blogs I have read on the subject came from Jill Konrath. If you don’t follow Jill, you should. She is an accomplished author and provides great insights into sales, inside sales and prospecting.

Her recent post: “Is it Time to Rethink Your Approach to Sales?” is outstanding! You can read it here.

My sincere hope is you take her advice to heart and run with it. Thanks Jill for making our sales journey a little easier!

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