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[Posted by Mike Scher July 2, 2015]

There are mysteries and there are secrets. What is the difference? Well a mystery is something where no one has the answer. A secret is something at least one person knows the answer.

One of the biggest problems in B2B sales is securing and executing that first meaningful sales conversation. Of course, every sales organization would like to have more first conversations. But what if you REALLY need more, how would you go about doing that? How could you increase the number of “at-bats” your sales team has by 50%, 100%, 200% or more?

If that is a question you have asked yourself recently, you are not alone.

So is the answer a mystery or a secret? Where would you go to find the answer?

Well, we are big fans of the work the research firm Sirius Decisions does. From helping align the sales and marketing functions to helping companies manage and measure lead marketing programs to articulating and outlining best practices, Sirius Decisions does a great job in driving positive outcomes.

With respect to accelerating conversations of MQL’s to SQL’s and SQL’s to SAL’s, Sirius Decisions, with their venerable team of analysts, is in a unique position to provide expert guidance and advice.

Reading their research, they clearly preach developing and deploying a proven, repeatable and measurable system and process for every aspect of the demand waterfall . . . including the process of turning more leads and target accounts into those first meaningful conversations.

If you want to know the best methodology, technology and approach to double (or more) the conversation rate of leads to opportunities or the best way to penetrate a targeted account, allow me to suggest you call Sirius Decisions and ask them.

You will find out the answer isn’t a mystery and they will let you be in on the secret.

Hear what FRONTLINE Selling’s, Mike Scher and Sirius Decision’s, Kerry Cunningham reveal about ‘The Secret to Getting More Appointments: 21st century metrics that move the needle.’



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