[Posted by Mike Scher July 6, 2015]

It has been said that revenue solves a lot of problems. It also covers up a lot of flaws.

In my sales career, I have had the pleasure of selling in hot markets like ERP prior to the year 2000 and not so hot markets. When selling in a hot market, sales people don’t have to be on top of their game.   They just need to fill demand as quickly as possible. It’s an exhilarating time and usually a lot of fun.

Unfortunately hot markets don’t come along often and they certainly don’t last forever. My sincere hope is that you all get a chance to experience a hot market at least one time, but there are selling strategies that can help you overcome hard times ad drive business leads

The second half of 2015 is upon us.   Most of us aren’t in an exploding market. We may be at or a little behind on our target number for the year. We are selling good solutions and working hard on every sale.

If this describes your team, there are three things you can to accelerate sales before year end.

  1. Sell Solutions – Your features and functions may be “cool”, but “cool” doesn’t translate into sales.   Prospects don’t care what your product does or how it does it; they only care about what it means to them.   A solution has to address a known and acknowledged business problem. If your prospect doesn’t understand and acknowledge the business problem, then the problem doesn’t exist in their mind.   You need to know who cares about the problem and what the impact is to the organization if they do not address the problem.
  1. Implement Solutions – From a revenue perspective this may sound odd. If you need to increase sales, there are no short cuts. Set clear expectations and do not resort to gimmicks or so-called quick fixes. For example, introducing a new resource like an appointment setting service or a technology like a sales intelligence tool may sound like a good idea, but if it isn’t part of a complete solution to accomplish a goal, then these point solutions will only serve as a distraction.
  2. Get Back to Basics – We are already halfway through the year.   Becoming disciplined and getting back to basics is critical. If there are deals on your forecast that look and smell bad, chances are real good that they are bad.   If your team is spending time on appointments with people too junior to impact a decision, there is little chance they will materialize into 2015 revenue. Insist on territory and account plans.   Time is your most precious commodity, use it wisely.

When you account for vacation time in July, back to school and the holidays in November and December; there are just a little more than 100 selling days left in 2015. I urge you to make the most of each one.

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