Posted by Chris Duncan

Apr 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Meet Bailey. She is my adorable, quirky and loveable ball of fur. Although from outward appearances it may not seem like it, she can do all the things that your sales team can. dogBailey can sit, speak and even shake, but just like your reps, she’s not very good at getting sales appointments. There’s good news though! Unlike Bailey, your team can improve using a simple process that will unleash (pun intended) your appointment setting capability.

Instead of simply chasing their tails all day long or barking up the wrong trees, what if your team could turn 200% or 300%, more leads into qualified first sales appointments? What if they had the answer to their daily questions of, “Who do I call?”, When do I call them?”, “How often?” and “Why”? Lastly, what if they were able to avoid the distractions of every passing car (insert objection here) and stay laser focused?

Taking the guesswork out of prospecting is what FRONTLINE Selling does every day for hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of sales reps worldwide. These reps leverage our proprietary methodology and technology called Staccato™ to get more meaningful first conversations with people who are genuinely interested in speaking to them. They do not wait around for “treats” (MQL’s,SQL’s and hand raisers) to fall in their lap, because they don’t have to. They also don’t play dead or do tricks when dealing with administrative assistants, but rather let them take them on a “walk” through the company.

Call us today to find out more and see that prospecting isn’t so “ruff”.

P.S. I’m out of dog puns….

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