Posted by Cherie Stowe

Mar 20, 2015 1:05:00 PM

In my role as CMO, I often have the opportunity to talk with our clients about the prospecting and sales challenges they faced prior to engaging with us, and the successes that followed.I realized that some of these stories might be of interest to you as you look for ways to improve the performance of your own teams.  shutterstock_157788674

I’ll share a few of these stories with you beginning today and in some of our upcoming blogs.  You’ll see the impact of Staccato on businesses large and small.  


One of our global clients offers IT management and services software in North America and Europe.They reached out to us because they were struggling to reach enough of the right decision makers to build their pipeline.Their average sales cycle is about 10 months and 95% of the time the decision rests with the CEO.

It was essential to their success to provide their reps with the skills and knowledge to set up more first appointments at the executive level and maintain a robust pipeline to allow them to manage through their long sales cycles.

In addition, the European team spoke a number of languages, including English, but the manager only spoke English.  Staccato delivered a consistent and uniform process throughout the organization, and provided ongoing management oversight for tracking and coaching.

We deployed Staccato in 2013 and launched a two-day training class for them. Before the end of their second day, they had already scheduled 7 appointments.

And, within 90 days of deploying Staccato, they had tripled the number of first appointments and were well on their way to achieving their goals.   By following the Staccato process, they also uncovered active opportunities in the marketplace that they hadn’t even known were occurring around them.

Our solid partnership continues to build success stories for them each and every day.  

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