The Silent Killer of Business Development

Posted by Mike Scher

Mar 6, 2015 8:58:00 AM

There is a killer on the loose amongst the sales community.When it afflicts young sales people, the mortality rate is astronomical.For those that are likely to sidestep this scourge early in their career, it likely incubates over a long period of time.shutterstock_256962580

If it doesn’t make a sales person quit or cause them to get fired, it slowly robs them of time, money, enthusiasm, promotions and more.

What is this affliction that swirls around every business development rep and most sales people?The silent killer is the question “Who do I follow-up with first today?”

Most sales people and every business development rep that does any amount of prospecting will very quickly find themselves in a position where they have way more people to follow-up with, than time that day to call.So who do they call first?   If you use a CRM application, you probably sign in and BAM — all the “reminders” come up.

You have 200 reminders and only time to call 50. So what does every red blooded sales person do?They ignore the reminders like the annoying car alarm in the parking lot.Then they proceed to make highly subjective and largely emotional decisions based on gut feel.

I am all for following your intuition in special circumstances, but that cannot possibly be a consistent winning strategy. So how can you organize and prioritize your follow-up?Of course there are those follow-up activities you know you have to do first. These should include confirming upcoming appointments and specific follow-up requests you get from key players and their administrative assistants.After the easy ones, now you have to deal with the vast number of follow-ups where you don’t have a lot to go on.

We recommend you use some sort of objective way to prioritize them.It could be by title starting with CEOs and working your way down.Another could be based on the number of outreach efforts or touches. The more touches you have previously had, the higher the priority.

How can you tell if you are infected with this silent killer?When the endless reminders show up in your CRM tomorrow; how you respond will answer the question. Learn more about StaccatoTM

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