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Posted by Mike Scher

Feb 12, 2015 9:13:00 AM

shutterstock_105012947_(1)If you are like a lot of really smart sales people I get to talk to, you probably work for a company that has great solutions and a compelling value proposition.  You are no doubt a great ambassador of these solutions and do a wonderful job of asking questions, understanding pain points and qualifying the prospect.

The only problem is these qualifying conversations are few and far between.  You and your business development counterparts just don’t have enough of these qualifying conversations with the right people, enough of the time.

You are all too familiar with the reasons why. The list you are calling is not 100% accurate — heck, it probably isn’t 70% accurate. Even so, you rarely talk to people as these prospects don’t pick up the phone very often.  Even when they do, getting their attention is difficult.

All this leads to frustration and challenge to hit quota.

If this sounds like you and you want to qualify more prospects, here is an idea.  Stop trying to qualify them.  Let them qualify themselves.  

Just as you like to be in control, so do your prospects.  They don’t like interrupt selling or the cold call “do or die death match” any more than you do.

Instead, try an approach that focuses on the socialization of your message within an account versus “water-boarding” a few select contacts.  You see, like your company, every account has a formal and informal social structure. They have their own three-letter acronyms (TLAs) and informal ways they communicate.  This is known as the Social DNA of an organization. 

By carefully placing specific messages to multiple players in an account, communicating those messages through multiple vehicles (emails, voice messages, etc.) and repeating those messages in an optimal frequency and interval; you will take advantage of that account’s inherent Social DNA to effectively promote your message — and most importantly, give them an opportunity (on their own time) to click on a link, review a case study and or visit your website.   In other words, allow the account to qualify themselves.   

The beauty is that all this socialization happens asynchronously which means it is a better leverage of your time, and more qualifying conversations for you!

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