Posted by Mike Scher

Feb 3, 2015 12:35:00 PM

shutterstock_243634786Today’s sales cycles have become more complex than ever before.Analysts and research firms report that more than 5 people are actively involved in the buying and decision making process.As a sales rep, this means you have to get everyone on the same page.The task can be time consuming and as frustrating as “herding cats”.

To drive success in this environment, a sales rep must implement a strategy to get these individuals to coalesce around a common approach (hopefully yours!) for how to address a need or solve a relevant problem.They need to execute a sales campaign with a theme that resonates, to one degree or another, with all the decision makers.To put it simply, the sales person needs to create and sustain Social Equity within the account.

Social Equity is the brand you build during the sales cycle.  That brand is what your prospects think about you, your product or service and your company (relative to the business problem they have at the moment) when you are not around. 

Creating Social Equity in an account is actually quite simple if you focus and stay disciplined.The key is to start early and articulate a simple message.

You know what that message should be. Even if your prospects don’t know who you are and don’t wake up in the morning saying “I need to buy one of these today” — your prospects are likely to have many of the challenges your solution routinely or uniquely solves; whether they consciously acknowledge that challenge or not.

The key to creating Social Equity begins by delivering that simple, focused message to multiple key players within an account. You deliver it through multiple vehicles by touching each key player / decision maker using various touch-points and communicate that message in a manically consistent way.

In doing so, that message will get perpetuated more readily as your Social Equity enhances within that account.    
What are you doing today to create social equity?

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