Need more sales opportunities?

Posted by Mike Scher

Jan 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM

There is one question you can ask that that will tell you how SERIOUS your Business Development team is about finding more sales opportunities.

We speak to a lot of Business Development teams and managers.  These conversations most often lead to them talking about their biggest challenges.  While there are a few, the number one challenge is usually finding new sales opportunities. 

Peel the onion back one layer, and it is really about getting more meaningful conversations and sales appointments with people genuinely interested in have a business conversation.  We ask them what the impact would be of getting more “at-bats” with the right person.  Of course, everyone is “interested” in getting more opportunities to tell their story to the right person.

But, being interested in getting better, rarely results in moving the needle at all.  

Whether you measure first appointments, Sales Qualified Leads, BANT leads or any other metric, ask yourself or the Business Development team leader one simple question, “How many of those appointments did the team execute last week, month, quarter etc.?”  If they can’t answer that question off the top of their head and know the answer to a fraction, then they can’t possibly be serious.

Anything you have ever been serious about improving always had a definitive starting point.  If you want to lose weight, get better grades in school or run a faster 40-yard dash; the only way you can be serious is to know definitively your starting point and exactly where you want to end up.

If you’re is serious about finding new opportunities, the first step is making sure everyone knows where they are every day of the week.  Only then can you measure the impact that tools, processes and technologies can have in moving the needle.

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