CEO Webinar: How to Gain an Unfair Sales Advantage

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Jan 14, 2015 2:42:00 PM


CEO Webinar: January 22  | 2:00 pm EST

Join our upcoming CEO Webinar to learn the top 3 strategies that will leave your competitors scratching their head.

What if you had a system that gave you an odds advantage in Vegas at the Blackjack table? Like Ben Affleck, you would get kicked out, but it would sure be fun trying! Fortunately having an unfair advantage against your competitors is fair game. 

Join CEO Webinar guest, Colin Daymude, on Thursday, January 22nd at 2pm and discover what the pros do to make and exceed their quota in such a competitive landscape. 


  1. the ONE area that is almost completely ignored by sales teams and that can statistically give the biggest gain
  2. which part of the sales team to focus on to get the highest probability of overall pipeline gain 
  3. how to create scalable growth in any industry with any product

Avoid the pitfalls of slot machine selling once and for all at FRONTLINE Selling; where the odds are in your favor.

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