Prospecting Optimization – – 4 Steps that Grew Revenue

Posted by Guest Blogger, David deBoisblanc

Dec 12, 2014 10:30:00 AM

shutterstock_235781368I had just been tasked with ramping an almost an entirely new sales team to meet very aggressive goals in a complex, big-ticket solution sales firm.

My CEO pointed out that the pipeline was nowhere near what the revenue target called for. In fact, we were woefully short and I had to solve that problem, along with training new folks how to perform in a demanding industry. 

I was approached by FRONTLINE Selling®, a leader in prospecting optimization located just outside of Atlanta. Since my company president and several other top executives each had previous interactions with FRONTLINE Selling®, I prioritized them over other vendors who were pushing many different prospecting options.  Frankly, I must admit I was cynical about any of the vendors due to my past experiences in this category.

We concluded a deal with FRONTLINE Selling®, and deployed Staccato On-demand™.   Their team trained and supported ours and we began working the solution. I personally used the method as well so that I could be in touch with my team and the market. 

It worked.  We penetrated some large new logos and just importantly, we got into some better conversations with before-unreached CXO people at existing accounts. We reaped bigger opportunities than we had ever been presented with before.

In the beginning, I had to mandate that my team use the methodology, however, within one week the team was enthusiastically embracing it and doing more prospecting then ever. Team adoption does not lie; it worked and they saw the results.

We then merged Staccato On-demand™ with marketing feedback and opportunity pursuit loops to create a very effective selling engine. 

So what were the elements of the prospecting optimization component?

First, we understood that effective prospecting is about having significant conversations with key people at accounts – FRONTLINE Selling® calls them Meaningful Interactions™. This may seem obvious, but if you don’t pay attention to those critical initial dialogs, distraction from that goal will lead to less than optimal behavior.

Second, the method showed us how to use the target companies’ social dynamics and communications to our advantage —helping us to become “insiders”. As I mentioned earlier, I experienced this as a buyer of Staccato On-demand™ first-hand.

Third, we used the highly researched, repeatable phone, voicemail and email tactics with rigor, guided every day by the Staccato On-demand™ app, available through the Salesforce AppExchange.

Fourth and finally, we created our own feedback loop to marketing to drive exact targeted marketing to individual prospects based on interaction with our sales team. 

Today, at White Forest Partners, partnering with FRONTLINE Selling®, we are bringing this end-to-end solution to our clients so they can grow revenue with a coherent, predictable and repeatable sales and marketing process.

Watch our video to learn more about prospecting optimzation and Staccato On-demand™.

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daviddDavid deBoisblanc is president at White Forest Partners. Helping their client achieve sales, marketing and client satisfaction success is White Forest Partners’ mission. For sales, marketing and customer service, we design, train and automate process to create big results for our clients.

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