Posted by Cherie Stowe

Nov 18, 2014 2:38:00 PM

unicorn In planning for today’s post, I ran across a 2013 article by Tripp Braden entitled, “25 Ways to AIM for Better Sales Results,” and realized it’s one of those thoughtful pieces that stands up over time. 

It also seemed to tie in beautifully to this great unicorn quote I’ve loved for years. 

Tripp based his outline on three areas: AIM: Assess, Inspire and Manage. I share some excerpts from his article below:


Great sales professionals:

  • assess their clients’ organizations more than averages sales professionals
  • review progress of their accounts often
  • understand the risks and opportunities of their clients’ business
  • ask questions to make sure they have the right people involved in the process
  • identify potential bottlenecks
  • keep in front of clients with information that ensures the deal moves forward
  • constantly assess the situation to make sure there are no surprises at the end


Good salespeople:

  • sell benefits versus features
  • inspire their clients to take action
  • uncover their clients’ personal motivations and make sure these are discussed often
  • share support materials to remind the buyer of the positive end result of a decision
  • share multiple great stories of past clients with similar results.
  • understand the more motivated their buyer is, the more quickly the sale closes

M is for Manage

Effective sales professionals:

  • understand great sales require managing
  • build their sales process so they can manage it
  • create milestones to achieve throughout the sales process
  • manage the clients’ expectations throughout the sale
  • map their process with their clients’ unique needs
  • ensure all the right steps are taken so the client makes the buying decision
  • know when to bring additional resources into the sales process
  • manage the sales time clock to make sure their clients are ready to buy at the right time
  • continuously manage challenging clients by leveraging different options for their clients’ success
  • manage their client’s expectations and resources so they are able to make a decision
  • get all the right individuals involved and build a successful team on the client’s side
  • engage all stakeholders in the process, thus ensuring a successful result 

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