You want me to call the MAYOR?

Posted by Cherie Stowe

Oct 31, 2014 12:28:00 PM


I want to share a story with you.  A story with one of those “a ha” moments.

At FRONTLINE Selling®, we help our clients get more first appointments with people genuinely interested in talking – so they can sell more.  Our Staccato On-demand™ platform provides all of the technology and methodology to dramatically improve the results for your entire team.
Part of our methodology includes the use of corporate communications or “DNA” structures to help team members reach the right decision makers.  To do that, we ask them to start at the top.  A recent student, just out of four hours of training, had the city of Spokane on his target list.  As he was researching the city’s LinkedIn page deciding who to contact, he called me over for some advice.

As he scrolled up the list and offered suggestions, I kept encouraging him to keep going.  When he finally reached the mayor, I said, “That’s who I want you to call.”  A pained look on his face, he replied, “You want me to call the mayor?”

Well, he did.  And, the mayor answered the phone.  He followed his training perfectly, briefly sharing the reason for his call.  The mayor was interested and they scheduled a 30 minute call for the following Tuesday at 2pm.

He looked at me and smiled, “I called the mayor – and it really worked!”

Would you like every member of your team to have the same knowledge and skills?  To know exactly how to reach and set first appointments with the right people – decision makers interested in your products? 

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