Ready To Go To Market? Are You Sure?

Posted by Steve Staccato

Jul 24, 2014 4:40:00 PM

SalesStrategyMore than one recent startup company has suffered because it failed to understand its ideal customer profile. Even the most experienced and star-studded company or product launch is doomed if it can’t meet customer needs. What you need is a process for establishing a sales strategy that really works.

  • Study –  The first step in establishing a sales strategy is to clearly identify your ideal customer profile and learn everything possible about your target market, including existing products, processes and people. Study the competitive landscape and make sure you know the problem you’re solving and why that matters to your target base.
  • Organize – Consider any existing sales and marketing plans and determine if and how they need to be tweaked. Identify your key performance metrics, market penetration requirements and roadmap. Analyze your sales approach, value proposition, customer needs and impact.
  • Launch – With your plan developed, it’s now time to execute it. Make sure you have the right team in place to execute your plan. Create an effective sales team that knows how to create value for your potential customers and your company.
  • Measure – Here’s where the numbers come into play. Don’t abandon tactical details. Make sure your salespeople are delivering your message and performing the necessary tracking and reporting to ensure the execution you envisioned.

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