LinkedIn Prospecting: Tapping Into This Social Media Platform Can Uncover New Leads

Posted by Steve Staccato

Jul 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM

LinkedIn ProsepectingIf you’re in on the whole social media scene, you probably recognize how useful LinkedIn is for your professional pursuits. Have you tried marketing with LinkedIn yet? LinkedIn can help you obtain more clients and therefore more business revenue. While you can also target existing clients, let’s learn more about increasing your professional connections using LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

Do you remember the days before social media? Today there are a host of social media avenues to open new doors to reach potential prospects. LinkedIn is at your disposal and is one of the best platforms for convenient, easy and effective prospecting. Use it to reach people quickly and receive valuable feedback. These are the keys to building a foundation of professional credibility and trustworthiness.

Tactics for LinkedIn Prospecting

  • Create your profile – Fully complete your profile and be sure to include a professional profile picture.
  • Use keywords – What keywords and phrases are leading your industry? Do your homework and use the right keywords in everything you post to grab the attention of search engines and readers.
  • Follow proper LinkedIn etiquette – One expectation is that all your interactions are conversational, not promotional. The purpose of LinkedIn is to help prospects solve their problems as an industry expert, not to sell products then and there.
  • Get to know your prospects – What are their professional titles? What roles do they play in their businesses, and what do the businesses represent? Piece together all this information to help you reach out more effectively.
  • Leverage your close proximity – Get to know the physical location of all businesses you prospect with. This opens up the opportunity to interact with them at events in your area, which furthers your efforts to glean productive relationships.
  • Join LinkedIn Groups – You can join up to 50 groups or form your own for others to join. Both methods are critical for building relationships on this social media platform.

LinkedIn prospecting is just one way to look for leads and grow relationships. Contact FRONTLINE Selling today for more information about prospecting optimization. 

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