Posted by Steve Staccato

May 12, 2014 9:00:00 AM

first appointmentIt’s easy to call a prospect once and give up if your first effort doesn’t result in a sale. However, persistence and sales go hand in hand. Here are some great tips on persistence that will help you get that first appointment.

  • Make first contact – Only 1 to 2 percent of prospects are ready to buy on the first contact. These people know what they want, have done plenty of research and recognize that what you offer fits the bill perfectly. Most of the time, you won’t even make contact with your key player on this first round of calls, but you’ve had a chance to leave voicemails and perhaps even get permission to send emails. Don’t give up here. Did you know that a whopping 48 percent of salespeople give up after the first contact?
  • Call again – You may not be successful this go-around either, but you need to be persistent and try to get the appointment on the key player’s calendar, but don’t give up. At this point, 72 percent of salespeople give up if they haven’t reached the key player yet and scheduled an appointment
  • Make contact a third time – Things are getting serious now and you should be getting closer to making an appointment. Your persistence and sales strategy will pay off soon. After an unsuccessful third contact, 84 percent of salespeople give up. You’re way ahead of the pack now!
  • Call a fourth and fifth time – Your strategy is persistence. Remember, most of the salespeople have already given up. Ninety percent of salespeople call it quits after the fourth try.

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