The Art of Leaving a Voicemail

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 14, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Not sure what to say when you reach a prospects voicemail? Use these tips to enseure your prospects call back to set up a first appointment. 

leaving a voicemailPlan what to say in advance. Always have a consistent script for your voicemails, tailoring only slightly with each round of calls. For example, if on the last call you learned your prospect was traveling to Europe, you might say, “Susan (her admin) mentioned that you were traveling to Europe on vacation. I hope it was a great trip.” Inserting a bit of intelligence you have gained makes you seem more familiar to the prospect and building that familiarity is an important asset. Remember you are NOT selling. Your only goal is to get that first appointment

Say the right things. Let them know you are calling to schedule a 20- to 30-minute appointment to discuss information that matters to your prospect, such as your ability to solve their problems. Don’t forget to give your name, company and contact information very clearly at the start of the message and again at the end. Let them know when they could reach you.

Mention the referral, if appropriate. If you’re calling based on a referral, be sure to let them know who referred you.

Don’t talk too long. Offer enough compelling information that the prospect wants to call you back, but keep your message brief. Remember, you are NOT selling. You are just trying to get an appointment.

Speak clearly. You only have one shot to state your message clearly. Don’t speak too fast or mumble. Practice by leaving yourself a voicemail and listen to how it sounds.

Avoid verbal pauses. If you want to come across as unprofessional, fill your message with “ums” and “uhs.” If not, avoid these verbal pauses at all costs.

Leave a message every three days. It’s the perfect balance between being a pest and letting them forget about you. Don’t give up after two or three tries. It may take four or five rounds of calls to get an appointment. 

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