Recurring Sales Rely on Client Retention: 4 Tips to Encourage Loyalty

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM

customer retentionSalespeople are always looking to grow their customer bases, which means they place a heavy emphasis on new customer acquisition. However, everyone in the current customer base was once a new customer who was given ample attention to encourage them to choose your company over the competition. But, the fight to earn their loyalty isn’t over yet. Retaining clients requires attention as well. Here are four tips to ensure they remain satisfied with your service. 

Take Care of What You Already Have

The ultimate sales goal is to retain a 100-percent satisfied client base so each year you simply add to your existing customers. To help cultivate this ideal situation, give current clients your undivided attention when problems arise and take the time for meaningful check-ins on a regular basis.

Review Clients’ Needs

When you first signed with your current clients, products and services were selected based on their needs at that time. Customers’ needs may change over the year due to new business strategies, regulation changes and advances in technology. Make it a point to revisit your current client base and reassess their products and services to ensure they’re satisfied and getting the most from you and your company. On occasion, this can lead to upselling, but don’t make it all about the dollars. 

Be Consistently Communicative

Keeping in touch with clients post-sale and throughout the year is a basic sales industry best practice. Even if you’re overbooked and unable to stay in touch as well as you would like, make an effort. Quick but meaningful communication prevents your absence from being interpreted as lack of interest.

Stay Organized

Things become particularly frenzied at the end of each quarter. That’s not the time to realize you’ve neglected your client retention goals. Keep on top of it by setting time aside each month to catch up on your customers’ account status. Use this time to send relevant content to your customers and show they’re still top-of-mind. 

Client retention requires intention and attention. Learn how to develop quality relationships with clients. Contact FRONTLINE Selling.

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