Proven Strategies to Help Uncover Your Prospect’s Needs and Sell More

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 16, 2014 9:00:00 AM

To make a sale, you need to determine each prospect’s needs and decide if they’re actually valuable prospects or not. Why waste time on a prospect whose needs can’t be met by your product or service? Use these proven strategies for uncovering clients’ needs so you can sell more.

Ask Questions, Then Stand Back and Listen

prospect's needsToo many salespeople talk at their prospects. Make your client a participant in the selling process instead of an audience member by asking questions, but not just any questions. Ask those that get your prospect talking. Ultimately, you want the prospect to talk 80 percent of the time.
Of course, you want to remain in control. If the conversation starts going in a direction you don’t want it to, bring it back by asking questions that will help convince the prospect they truly need your product or service.

Learn the Questioning Technique

While uncovering clients’ needs may require asking a number of questions, you don’t want to sound as though you’re asking too many questions or reading off some list. Use these techniques to avoid coming off this way:

  • Motivate – Motivate the potential client to give you in-depth answers. Let them know you’ll be asking some questions to help you understand their company, their challenges and their role so together you can decide if there is a good fit. Show your genuine interest by listening carefully and asking clarifying questions.
  • Ask open-ended questions – Remember that you want the prospect to do most of the talking. Use open-ended questions or statements such as, “Tell me about your role at XYZ Company,” and, “What are the biggest challenges you and your team face this year?”
  • Talk about what this means to your prospect – Frame the picture for the prospect, such as, “Imagine an automated system that compiled that data for you. What that would mean to you is lower production costs and faster time to market.”

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