New to Sales? 4 Crucial Tips to Help Green Salespeople Compete

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 26, 2014 11:23:00 AM

salespeopleSales is one of the few career paths that allows you to meet new people every day. With the appeal of a flexible schedule and lucrative paychecks, it’s no surprise you joined a sales team. Just remember that you’re not only competing with other companies’ new sales recruits, you’re also up against seasoned veterans. Use these crucial tips for new salespeople to help you compete with the very best.

  • Ask and listen – As a sales associate, you have two major parties to listen to: your clients and successful sales professionals who take you under their wing. Ask questions and really listen to the answers. When speaking with clients, focus on identifying their needs and determining how you can add meaning. When talking with seasoned coworkers, listen to their personal experience and learn from their success and their mistakes.
  • Work smarter – Outworking the competition doesn’t mean you stay at the office until midnight and forgo social opportunities with friends and family every weekend. It means you stay in touch with prevailing industry trends and news to become an authority in your sector. The ability to inform, not convince, is incredibly powerful.
  • Know your own power – As helpful as experienced sales associates can be in giving good advice based on their client experiences, there’s still some degree of trial and error when adapting your approach. Know who you are and what you can use within yourself to succeed.
  • Give meaning to the relationship – Show the true value of your brand and establish trust by providing and maintaining meaning for your clients. You have a purpose in their lives, so live up to it. 

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