7 Traits of Successful Salespeople—How Do You Rate?

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM

successful salespeopleWhat does it take to be a stellar sales representative? Sellers of more complex and higher dollar products or service solutions have mastered these essential traits of successful salespeople:

  • Peer to peer approach: Present yourself as a well-informed professional who understands the business sector that your prospect operates in. You’re an equal, so use a consultative selling style. You’re a resource for the client, offering a service PR product that will enhance their business in specific, unique ways. This confident approach puts you on firm footing.
  • Aura of expertise and authority: Know your product and client’s industry so well that you’re comfortable having detailed business strategy conversations. Be able to disagree with and influence your prospect’s thinking. C-level execs will challenge you, testing industry and product knowledge. Don’t play the “yes man” (or woman) and don’t adopt a customer service mindset when you’re selling.
  • Comfort with money: Go into meetings and negotiations firmly convinced of the value you’re offering. Understand the worth of your product or service and how it will provide ongoing, long-term advantages to the prospect company. Think “value” when quoting numbers.
  • Appreciation for the power of silence: You’ll appear anxious when scrambling to fill up pauses in the conversation. Instead, use moments of silence by allowing the client to absorb and consider the information you’re unfolding in pre-planned stages.
  • An unhurried manner: A calm, collected manner exudes confidence, competence and helps you control the situation. Don’t be the nervous salesperson, constantly fidgeting and talking without emphasizing anything in particular. Rushing to get your whole pitch in is really just dumping information on the client that they’ll easily forget or discount. Present your product meaningfully, logically and persuasively by pacing yourself. 
  • An inquiring mind: Ask intelligent, insightful, non-superficial questions for insight into the client’s business and decision-making process. Good questions also demonstrate genuine interest in and detailed knowledge of the prospect’s industry.
  • Excellent follow-up skills: Top sales reps are organized and know what to say to build on previous interactions, moving the potential client toward the sale.

Remember, the secret of selling is being able to tell your story more times to people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. To learn how to get more appointments with the right people, contact FRONTLINE Selling.

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