7 Tips to Create a Successful Sales Culture

Posted by Steve Staccato

May 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

sales cultureWhen creating a sales culture, strive for consistency in all things across the entire team. A unified culture spurs each salesperson to reach his or her full potential. Here are seven ways to express and achieve a unified, productive and successful sales culture:

  1. Define terms, processes and expectations – Do different individuals in your organization use the same term to mean different things? Create a glossary if necessary, so that all are speaking the same language and getting the same meaning. Establish clear best practices and processes, and have everyone stick to them. Make sure goals are clearly and universally understood when creating a sales culture.
  2. Rally around your mission – It’s something you believe in and stand for. It’s what makes you special; it’s your purpose. Brainstorm with the team. Create a short, upbeat, meaningful yet catchy mission statement, company or department vision, goal or creed.
  3. Provide training – Continuing sales education is part of employee development, not just for new hires. It keeps everyone on the same page and growing together. Don’t make the sales team memorize product minutia. Instead concentrate on teaching basic sales, but don’t necessarily call it that. Everyone likes to think they know how to sell, but many don’t.
  4. Provide tools – Include scripts — they will create consistency and keep salespeople going when they hit a wall.
  5. Clearly define, emphasize and celebrate daily success – Don’t ever confuse activity for productivity. Make sure each person on the team knows and owns their sales goals, along with the overall team goals to optimize your sales machine. Recognize leaders publicly for their accomplishments.
  6. Mentor and partner – Play sales coach, investing in each team member’s success.
  7. Tout your team – Raise the sales team’s profile within the company. Their jobs are tough, but they deliver. Make sure everyone appreciates their success and the effort, dedication and skill required to achieve it.

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