6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Busy Salespeople

Posted by Steve Staccato

Apr 23, 2014 12:31:00 PM

must-have mobile appsIt’s no secret that salespeople need to optimize every aspect of the sales process. These timesaving apps for salespeople work with CRMs like Salesforce to help keep your team ahead of the pack and organized for maximum sales potential:

The convenient LinkedIn Sales Navigator brings your whole team’s sales contacts and information into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, creating a powerful network and enabling better coordination. It helps you “find the right person and the best path in,” providing timely updates on important individuals and decision-makers.

EchoSign® from Adobe is an automated Web e-signature app that streamlines and automates document management on any device. You can easily send, sign, track and file contracts from Salesforce and other popular CRMs on the fly, tracking signed deals as they happen—and eliminating lag time. Set up custom authentication options and deliver signature instructions in over 20 languages, with fax-back service in more than 50 locations around the world.

Meeting Mapper™ for iPad instantly syncs notes and task lists to Salesforce, tracking meeting attendees, stakeholders, decision-maker roles and viewpoints, plus automatically scheduling follow-ups.

SlideShark™ allows you to show PowerPoint presentations on iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can also show your slides and conduct your presentation over the Web to include remote attendees.

The Opportunity Optimizer™, built on the Salesforce platform, provides structured opportunity management for complex sales, supporting more sales wins, higher margins, increased productivity, accurate forecasting and more effective teamwork. Offers quick assessment tools to qualify leads, graphical interface to map out and identify decision-makers and influencers and analyze the competition.

FunnelSource™ for Salesforce bills itself as a pipeline command center. It helps to increase forecasting precision and provides pipeline analytics to track performance. Your team can easily access and share up-to-the-minute, on-demand reporting and sales cycle insights.

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