Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Reach Decision Makers

Posted by Steve Staccato

Mar 24, 2014 10:30:00 AM

lead_generationIf you’re on a B2B sales team and have yet to use LinkedIn to reach decision makers, it’s time to hop on board. With the right tactics, LinkedIn can be a powerful selling and lead-generating tool. Identify new prospects and industries, stay up-to-date with the latest industry information, remain top-of-mind, and generate sales leads all from a single platform. Here’s how — go to your LinkedIn account (or go to LinkedIn.com to establish one if you have not done so):

  • Go prospecting: Hover your mouse over “Companies” to the left of the search field near the top of the page and select “Search Companies.” The search box is where prospecting magic happens. Use the criteria categories (e.g., company, relationship, location and industry) to generate lists of prospects. The warmest leads are those listed as first or second degree connections.
  • Go mining: You need to understand your prospects better, so plan to build a quick company profile for your records. Collect facts from the company’s LinkedIn profile, including website, company size, headquarters location and anything from the “about us” section you deem important –you can retain the information using your contact management tools. 
  • Get updates: Click “Follow” near the top of your prospect’s page so their latest posts show up right on your home screen. Staying updated helps you create warm, relevant conversations with your prospect.
  • Stay top-of-mind: The easiest and least time-consuming way to stay top-of-mind is to share relevant content that relates to your products and services. Then, when prospects are ready to buy, your company is the first one that comes to mind. With LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” analytic, you can focus your attention on prospects that view, like and comment on your posts, allowing for a proactive approach at staying top-of-mind.
  • Attract inbound leads: First, build a better profile page by uploading a professional photo, writing a compelling headline, creating a custom profile URL and filling out every portion of your profile. Second, utilize LinkedIn group analytics to determine which groups to join based on those your prospects are joining. To generate sales leads from the group, strive to interact and add value whenever possible.

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