Partner with a Prospecting Leader

Posted by Steve Staccato

Jan 31, 2014 9:13:00 AM

Every business has a story to tell – and, the key to successful selling is being able to tell our stories to more people more often who are interested in buying our products.

We’ve perfected a prospecting process, system and approach to make that happen two, three and four times more often than it does today. Imagine the effect to the bottom line.

We’ve impacted the business lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide over the last 12 years, and continue today to work with companies such as HP, IBM, and AT&T to optimize their prospecting capabilities.

Today, we’re offering an opportunity to join the FRONTLINE Selling™ World Partner Program as authorized resellers of our Staccato On-demand™ product. We provide all of the training, marketing materials and support. You receive compensation on every sale you make, plus recurring revenue.

If you have the drive, dedication and enthusiasm to build or expand your business, we should talk.

Learn more.

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