Don’t Jump into a Sales Pitch — Opt for a Real Conversation

Posted by Steve Staccato

Jan 29, 2014 9:57:39 AM

As an inside sales team member, you may be under the false impression that the best way to sell your product or service is to jump into a sales pitch. This includes describing the benefits of what you offer and attempting to commit the prospect or at least set an appointment to discuss your offerings further. Because this attempt floods the prospect with an overwhelming amount of information, it more often ends in failure than success. The key is to forget the pure sales pitch and opt for a real sales conversation, scheduled at a mutually convenient time and agreed upon by both parties.

Let’s compare the pure sales pitch with the sales conversation approach:

Sales Pitch Approach

sales pitch

Hello, I’m calling as a representative of [company name], a leading provider of [product or service]. We help you save money by [example]. Unique features that set us apart include [example]. If I could show you how to cut costs by 50 percent, would you consider meeting with me for an hour at no obligation on your part?”

With this approach, you’re lucky if you reach the end of your speech before the prospect hangs up. What’s more important is because you don’t ask for feedback, you have no idea if what you’re saying even makes sense to the prospect. Even if they could truly benefit from what you offer, they’re likely to hang up or say they’re not interested simply because they feel overwhelmed.

Sales Conversation Approach

The sales conversation approach, on the other hand, allows you to make a connection and build business relationships organically. Instead of unloading on your prospect, avoid pushy sales talk altogether. Instead, endear yourself to him or her by respectfully asking for a time to talk further. “Jane Doe from Important Colleagues, Inc. recommended I contact you about X, Y and possibly Z. I’d like to set up a 30-minute phone call to discuss how I can be of service.”

The idea is to avoid unnecessary hurdles and start by scheduling a phone appointment with someone right at the top of the chain. Once you’re speaking to the right person, you can plant the seeds of a good sale and begin nurturing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Imagine, the right people will want to talk to you!

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