Turn Hunting Into Farming and Watch the Sales Opportunities Grow

Posted by Steve Staccato

Dec 9, 2013 3:30:00 PM

The goal of any business is to make prospecting activities more productive. How do you turn prospects into sales opportunities? The key is to shift your hunting approach to a farming approach and watch the opportunities grow.

sales opportunitesConsider a hunter. He arms himself and heads out into the forest, hoping to stumble across game for his camp. Spotting the right animal is just the beginning, though; he must then have quiet footing and sure aim to capture the animal and bring it back to camp. There’s no guarantee the hunter will bring anything home each day.

Now consider a farmer. He prepares his field and works to make it fertile. He plants his seeds, waters the field every couple of days, pulls the weeds and otherwise cares for his farm. Unless he intentionally sabotages his field, the farmer can rest assured that his plants will grow.

With these examples in mind, it’s clear that farming is more productive than hunting. That’s why the key to growing sales opportunities is shifting from a hunting mentality to a farming mentality.

What does hunting look like in a business setting?

Hunting is a time-consuming, reactionary way to search for prospects. It may take a long time to find them, time you don’t have available because of other obligations. It’s an all-consuming activity; you can’t do anything else simultaneously while “hunting” for prospects.

What does farming look like in a business setting?

Farming is a gradual form of prospecting that requires preparation (researching who you should reach out to) and continual nurturing (contacting prospects occasionally over a long period of time). It’s far less time consuming than “hunting” and allows for multitasking. Done correctly, your prospecting will take on a life of its own while you reap the benefits.  

Prospecting needs a defined, strategic approach. Don’t hunt your prospects; nurture them! For more on growing sales opportunities with a farming mindset, contact FRONTLINE Selling today.

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