Turn the Company Gatekeeper Into Your Personal Tour Guide

Posted by Steve Staccato

Dec 19, 2013 4:00:00 PM

Do you have a defined, strategic approach to finding interested prospects? What procedure do you use to find, communicate with and nurture prospects until they’re ready to move to the sales process?

company gatekeeperOne common way of introducing your solution to a new company is to speak with the administrative assistant, sometimes jokingly referred to as the company gatekeeper. It’s burned into the minds of sales representatives that the company gatekeeper is there to shield the prospect you wish to contact. He gets in the way and is an annoyance from the first moment you speak with him.

In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of looking at an administrative assistant as a gatekeeper, consider them your own personal tour guide. After all, the word “assist” – or in other words, “help” – is in the tour guide’s professional title.

If the administrative assistant’s job is to help you, approach them in that manner. For example, instead of devising a plan to circumvent the assistant, AKA your tour guide, simply ask them for their help. By taking this approach, you can expect much better results from your prospecting efforts. Remember, you offer solutions that will help the administrative assistant’s business run better, faster, cheaper and more effectively.

Don’t get bogged down in trying to explain solutions to the assistant. Instead, simply ask if the key player is available, then state your purpose. For example, you might say: “Is John Smith available? No? Well, maybe you can help me. Jane Doe from Imaginary Generic Brand suggested I contact John about XYZ. I’d like to set up a 30-minute call to do just that. Can you help me?”

So rather than coming up with ways to sneak around administrative assistants, make them your personal tour guides using a simple campaign that creates familiarity and encourages collaboration.

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