Posted by Gretchen Owens

Feb 25, 2013 10:30:00 AM

Finding your prospect’s contact information when searching the business and social networks can be a challenge. Here are 4 Tips to help you along the way.

Company Website

Look on the Executive Leadership, Investor Relations or Corporate Governance pages to seek names for the titles you are seeking.  If there is no such section on the site, try finding press releases or news stories. Press releases usually quote a high-level executive and news stories usually mention them.

Chambers of Commerce Sites

Many of your prospects will belong to their local chamber of commerce. You can search for your prospects’ chambers by city or county. Companies that belong usually post the line of business they’re in, an address, a phone number, and at least one company contact’s name and email address.


LinkedIn is one of the best sites to find information on prospects because they enter it themselves.   If you have a LinkedIn account, we suggest you don’t sign in when searching for prospects. Instead, go to Google and type LinkedIn + the company’s name + your target title, i.e. marketing director.  You can also find tons of leads by joining the LinkedIn Groups your prospects are most likely to join.


To find the email format, take the company website and put it in Google with a *@. This is a wildcard search and pulls everything that ends it.  Once you collect this information, the FRONTLINE Selling Staccato On-demand platform makes it easy to help your sales team track their activities, stay on message and guide their follow-ups over time through personalized communication.   Learn more at