The sales solution that optimizes
human-to-human communication to create
2-4x more sales opportunities.

Remove Prospecting Blind Spots

Leverage your prospect’s internal communication system to ensure your message starts at the top and reaches every key player.

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Overcome Pipeline Roadblocks

Map the prospecting journey with software that plugs into Salesforce and eliminates process and messaging guesswork to maximize productivity.

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Reduce Sales Rep Ramp Time

Reduce ramp-up time for new trainees to just days with Staccato PRO, featuring an interactive call simulator, live coaching, and on-going skills refreshers.

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Leveraging the 2017 Budget Proposal means being able to meet new demand and make your lead generation efforts more effective with the right tools and vision

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Trump’s Budget Priorities Set Small Businesses Strategizing

  • I can't imagine an organization any better at delivering quality leads.

    "FRONTLINE delivered on the suggested number of appointments they would set up each month and the effect was cumulative, month over month, as they became more comfortable with EdgeTheory solutions. They communicated results each month and their Staccato Methodology almost takes setting up quality interactions to a science. I would recommend the FRONTLINE team to any young or not so young company looking to increase the quality of their prospect reach quickly. They are a very professional group and well worth the investment. Two thumbs up!"

    Fred Giordano SVP, Global Sales and Support